Social Concert App

An app which connects friends-of-friends who are attending the same concert.


Like all of the best passion projects, this one stemmed from a problem I personally experience. Due to not finding a niche of friends with a similar preference in music and enjoying mostly under-the-radar bands. (I mean who wouldn’t want to see a DJ duo who remixes Fleetwood Mac songs?)

Point is, if I can’t find someone to attend a show with, I won’t go.

Yet nothing is worse than the following days when I learn that a coworker ended up going or see an acquintance’s photo on social media. There’s got to be a better way to go about this.

Problem: Solo concert attendees need an easy way to connect to one another, because sharing that experience will increase both their enjoyment and social circle.


To validate the problem, I conducted user interviews. I spoke to six 24-35 year old music fans.

  • What would you do if your favorite band was coming to town, but none of your friends could go with you?
  • Have you ever been to a concert alone? If no – why not?
  • How would your solo experience be improved? (Do they talk to others at the concerts? What are their behaviors? Between sets?)
  • Would you ever consider meeting a friend of a friend to share that experience?
Interview insights
  • Everyone interviewed said they would go to the show alone.
  • One person admitted they have never attended a concert without friends, yet they’ve said they wouldn’t mind attending solo.
  • Most users agreed there is discomfort and boredom when attending alone. Two people said they drink to “calm their social anxiety”

“[I’d] go alone and make new friends who like my music to replace my lame old friends!”

“I’d go with a friend of a friend – that would give me more incentive to go to the show”

“Running into someone I vaguely know would provide a better time, better experience”

Competitive Analysis

Is anyone out there providing a similar feature?



  • Attended a dozen concerts in 2017, only one of them alone
  • Still feels bad by having missed his favorite band at Bowery Ballroom over the summer
  • Makes a point to attend at least one major music festival every year – Coachella, Lollapalooza, SxSW


  • Doesn’t mind attending concerts alone, but feels frustrated that his circle of friends are not interested in the same type of music.


  • People who attend concerts alone need a way to connect to other solo attendees because sharing that experience will increase their enjoyment.
  • Making communication between concert attendees will achieve accessibility of them meeting up and creating new friendships.
  • A “common friends” feature for concert attendees will achieve them reaching out to people outside their inner circle of friends.
    Enabling a messaging feature for concert attendees will achieve them reaching out to meeting other people at a concert.
Mid-project, my favorite band was performing at a venue in upper Manhattan. This was the first concert I’ve attended alone.
During opening bands and between sets, I observed fellow solo attendees. Everyone was on their phones.


Top reasons for a native app.
  • Mobile use is top priority – users can be at the concert
  • Location services (search, concerts nearby)
  • Offline access (saved events, venue info)
  • Notification – messages, concert reminders

I quickly found the need to recreate paper prototype to not only eliminate feature creep (users deemed scanning of iTunes/Spotify confusing), but also to better visualize the end product. Grid papers were used for better visual representation.

Illustrating all of the visual features by putting pencil to paper was a refreshing change of pace from relying on Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Hi-fidelity prototype in action
UI updates


  • Event details
  • Profiles
  • Messending
  • Calendar of upcoming concerts for user
  • Search feature for bands/concerts
  • Follow bands
  • Search by location
  • Number of attendee
  • Connection to FB
  • Follow bands of venues
  • Priority on homepage of events happening now/tonight
  • Check in?
  • Purchase tickets
  • Scan playlists (Spotify), albums (iTunes) to find bands / events
  • Group chat
  • Add friends or follow users feature
  • Friends’ concerts
  • Facebook messenger
  • Maps, directions
  • Degrees of friendship separation
  • Resell tickets
  • Invite friends feature
  • Ratings for events, venues, or/and
  • bands’ performance
  • Share link on events
  • Near by restaurants or bands (recommendation from testing)

Next steps:

  • Polishing up UI and conducting more user testing
  • More testing via InVision
  • Push notification and triggers research
  • Deviating from FB-based connection

Tools used:

  • Sketch
  • Balsamiq
  • Photoshop
  • InVision