Concert App

An app which connects friends of friends who are attending the same concert.


This stemmed from a problem I personally experience. Likely due to a combination of not finding the niche of similar-music fans and enjoying under-the-radar musicians. I mean, who wants to see a DJ duo who remixes Fleetwood Mac songs? (If you thought “I want to!” email me immediately!)

I’ve never attended a concert alone.

If a band I really liked was performing, I’d buy an extra ticket and encourage a friend into attending. Worst case scenario, I’d talk myself out of it. What a shame. Often my heart breaks in the coming days when I learn that a coworker or an acquaintance has attended the concert – and what fun it was. There must be a better way.


People who attend concerts alone need a way to connect to other solo attendees because sharing that experience will increase their enjoyment and social circle.



To see if others experience a similar problem, I’ve conducted interviews. Here's the guideline used:

What would you do if your favorite band was coming to town, but none of your friends could go with you?

Have you ever been to a concert alone? If no – why not?

How would your solo experience be improved? (Do they talk to others at the concerts? What are their behaviors? Between sets?)

Would you ever consider meeting a friend of a friend to share that experience?

24-35 year old music fans

6 interviews

All 6 said they would go to the show alone.


One person admitted they have never attended a concert without friends, yet they’ve said they wouldn’t mind attending solo.

What do they do at concerts without friends?

Most users agreed there is discomfort and boredom when attending alone. Two people said they drink to “calm their social anxiety”

Interviews insights

Make friends

“[I’d] go alone and make new friends who like my music to replace my lame old friends!”

– Kevin

Have a great experience

“Running into someone I vaguely know would provide a better time, better experience”

– Cody

Actually attend concerts

“I’d go with a friend of a friend – that would give me more incentive to go to the show”

– Julie

Competitive Analysis

Is anyone providing a similar feature out there?


  • People who attend concerts alone need a way to connect to other solo attendees because sharing that experience will increase their enjoyment.
  • Making communication between concert attendees will achieve accessibility of them meeting up and creating new friendships.
  • A “common friends” feature for concert attendees will achieve them reaching out to people outside their inner circle of friends.
  • Enabling a messaging feature for concert attendees will achieve them reaching out to meeting other people at a concert.

Meet Lucas

  • Considers Rough Trade a slide of heaven
  • Attended 17 concerts in 2016, 5 of them alone
  • Makes a point to attend at least one major music festival every year – Coachella, Lollapalooza, SxSW


Doesn’t mind attending concerts alone, but feels frustrated that his circle of friends are not interested in the same type of music.

``Music, man, it's the glue of the world``

Mid-project, my favorite band was performing at a venue in upper Manhattan. This was the first concert I’ve attended alone.
I observed fellow solo attendees between sets and during the opening acts. Everyone was on their phones.

Top reasons for a native app.

  • Mobile use is top priority – users can be at the concert
  • Location services (search, concerts nearby)
  • Offline access (saved events, venue info)
  • Notification – messages, concert reminders


Quickly, I found the need to recreate my first paper prototype to not only eliminate features (scanning of iTunes and Spotify, for instance) that user testing deemed confusing, but also to better visualize end product.

After getting grid printouts. Illustrating my visual decisions by putting the pencil to the paper was a refreshing change of pace. I’m far too used to doing it all by Creative Cloud.

Lo-fi prototype
Prototype in action


  • Event details
  • Profiles
  • Messending
  • Calendar of upcoming concerts for user
  • Search feature for bands/concerts
  • Follow bands
  • Search by location
  • Number of attendee
  • Connection to FB


  • Follow bands of venues
  • Priority on homepage of events happening now/tonight
  • Check in?
  • Purchase tickets
  • Scan  playlists (Spotify), albums (iTunes) to find bands / events


  • Group chat
  • Add friends or follow users feature
  • Friends’ concerts
  • Facebook messenger
  • Maps, directions
  • Degrees of friendship separation


  • Resell tickets
  • Invite friends feature
  • Ratings for events, venues, or/and
    bands’ performance
  • Share link on events
  • Near by restaurants or bands (recommendation from testing)


Some insight on next steps:

  • Polishing up UI
  • More testing via InVision
  • Creating value for users
  • Push notification and triggers research
  • Deviating from FB-based connection
  • App name and branding