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How can I help?

I have been incredibly lucky to have great mentors over the course of my design career. They’ve taught me lessons I still use to this day. Now that I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, I wish to return the favor back to the design community at large.

For the last 3 years, I have mentored cohorts of future UX practitioners enrolled in a design bootcamp. I’ve taught an ‘Intro to UX’ class at General Assembly in NYC. More recently, CUNY’s DesignWorks program invited me to provide post-course mentorship to their students.

All the while, I continue to speak on (virtual) panels on design processes and tips on how to enter this lucrative field. Sometimes, I even find the time to give back by updating my /resources page.

I am always happy to help those interested in entering the UX field. I can provide my focus and time in an engaging manner if you’re looking for job search preparedness, or oversee a side-project you’re working on. Get in touch via form below if you think I can be of service. I look forward to meeting you.

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How a mentorship can help you

Find a UX job

I can assess your situation, resume, and portfolio. I have a lot of experience helping those who are seeking to break into UX from another industry or transition from a graphic/visual design fields.

Career advice

You can increase confidence in your job search with support and advice from a mentor who is cheering you on the sidelines. Learn how to evaluate job opportunities, prepare for virtual white board challenges, and have mock interviews.

Project oversight

While you are working on a Bootcamp course or self-started project, I can help with insights and materials so that you can fully emerge yourself in learning. You’ll be getting insights into how senior UX designers think and work.


One of the best things about the human-centric design industry is that there is an abundance of information to continue learning.

Furthering my professional knowledge is my personal strength. I share a lot of my favorite resources, such as books, podcasts, and professional organizations on a dedicated page. Freel free to bookmark it as it’s frequently updated.

View my UX Resources

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Mentorship FAQs

Can I meet you beforehand?

Of course! Let’s see if there is a good fit. Fill this form out, and I will reach out with a Calendly link. We will have a 15 minutes call to meet one another. I’ll learn about your background and needs, and you will have time to ask me questions to see if this is right for you.

How frequently will we meet?

That depends. After discussing your goals, free-time allocation, and your and mine availability, we’ll schedule something that works for us both. We can meet once-a-month, bi-weekly, or weekly. Again, depending on what you are hoping to accomplish!

How will we meet?

We can meet via Google Hangouts link or Zoom. Both options allow for video (which I highly recommend) and screen sharing. While audio calls can be a possibility, video calls imitate real-life interaction. Pour some coffee or tea, grab a notepad, and dial in.

Is this only for US-based designers?

Not at all. I live in New York City (EST timezone), and have some flexibility in my schedule. We can work out the timing during our intro call.

I’m a little nervous because English isn’t my first language. Can you still help me?

Yes! In fact, English isn’t my first language either. I try to make every meeting as comfortable as possible – if there is something you need more clarification on, feel free to ask. I’d rather you ask me “silly” questions during a mock interview with me than not feel prepared for an actual interview with a hiring manager!

What is the cost?

First, we will meet for 15 minutes so that I can learn about your history and goals. You can ask me as many questions as needed. That meeting is absolutely free. Afterwards, I will come up with a proposed frequency and date/time based on your goals and timeline. Those follow-up hour long meetings will be  fee-based.

Why are you charging your mentees?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. I truly believe that paying for something often equates to valuing it more. While there are popular online resources with free mentorship opportunity, what I provide is value and dedicated time.

As I have mentioned, based on your goals, I will write a specific timeline for meeting it. We will spend time weekly (bi-weekly or monthly) together in order to help you succeed. I truly want you to land that dream UX role – and I will be there every step cheering you on and guiding you as you navigate the job search ocean.