Design of a self-service API hub at a top-tier financial institution.


This bank has hundreds of APIs allowing its internal programming teams to develop innovative customer solutions.

With a growing competition landscape, they’ve created a self-service platform for client companies. This hub enables internal & external developers to integrate their systems so that the information can be seamlessly transferred.

Due to signed NDAs, I cannot disclose the bank’s name.

Key Goal

Create a cohesive API and toolkit portal for developers. Enable them to build innovative client solutions at ease.

Gather information about current offerings and make a cohesive step-by-step self-service guide for developers.

Utilize the bank’s existing design systems.

The end result was a portal that encompasses the creation, collaboration, and deployment of cross-channel applications.

The end result was an internal platform that includes a dashboard, a multi-step creation flow, and a page to manage deployed apps.


  • Requirement gathering
  • Competitive analysis
  • User Journeys
  • Personas
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes and rapid prototypes
  • UI Design
  • Testing

Roles & Responsibilities

Consulting team + bank's internal team

As the sole UX designer, I was responsible for every step of the project: from gathering project requirements to prototyping wireframes.

This was a large scope initiative between a consulting firm and a bank. During the project, I was at the bank’s uptown office where I conducted all research and ideation.

I’ve worked closely with a business analyst and a product owner of Developer Portal to grow its ecosystem. Additionally, there were many internal teams who provided feedback on every aspect of every page and user flow.







High-fidelity prototypes