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Victoria Honey

My Story

I am an Associate Experience Director at an NYC-based agency Big Spaceship. I help overhaul the digital experience to connect people to brands with meaning and purpose.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve worked across many disciplines – from Product Design to UX to Strategy. As a result, I appreciate the intersection of user needs, business opportunities, and tech possibilities.

Some of my favorite things are truffle fries, oat lattes, Channel 6 on BBC radio, and sunny afternoons at Central Park enjoying all of the above.


Where I’ve Worked

2021 - Now
Associate Exp Director @ Big Spaceship
2021 - Now
UX Mentor @ DesignWorks (SUNY)
UX Mentor @ Beginex
Freelance UX Consultant @ Agencies & In-House
MAC Cosmetics
American Family Insurance

My approach

My approach is tailored for each client project but always contains these key ingredients:


Customers, processes, technology, and the broader human psyche
(Getting to the ‘why’)


Never bogged down, constantly findings how my team can achieve progress while navigating disruption or unpredictable obstacles


Collaborating effectively and maintaining strong relationships with teammates across all disciplines

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